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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Google shall continue to reign

Latest market analysis states that search engine bigwig Google is all set to topple arch-rival Yahoo at online ad revenues this year. As per Internet sources, the survey predicts Google will account for more than 27 percent of the whole maret share of $21.7 billion spent by US advertisers. Yahoo, on the other hand, will claim a share of 16.3 percent, a visible decline from its 19.4 percent in the year 2005.

Both the websites' Internet advertising estimates have been calculated in relation to the trends prevelant in the online marketplace. This report also clarifies that though both sites have been on a decline since 2004, Google is actually set to pick up big time. It is predicted that it'll imrpove on its ad revenues by more than 45 percent! Whereas, Yahoo shall stick on to a meagre imrpovement of 18 percent.

Yahoo has been unsuccessfully chasing the paid search advertsiing service for quite some time now. It has had to face tough competition from the likes of Facebook and MySpace, top-notch social networking sites. The only region where it seems to be doing well is display ad revenues.

On the contrary, Google's growth has relied upon its text-link ads for revenue generation. It is trying to tempt advertisers into video and display advertising on its network, an area where it is constantly lacking in comparison to its competitors.

The ensuing war between these two online marketing kingpins is sure to change the face of online advertising. Whether this will be for the better or not, only time can tell.