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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Google's Customises Search for Small Businesses

Just when you thought the online marketplace is lying low, Google has come up with yet another gimmick. The new business edition of its Custom Search programme has small businesses rejoicing. This programme, long considered 'unfit' and 'unattainable' by small-time businessmen struggling with online marketing, is suddenly the talk of the town.

There are two reasons behind the raging popularity of this application. Firstly, it is extremely affordable – just $100 every year! And, secondly, your business server will not be doing the hosting for this service. This will be done by Google's computers themselves.

The application demands an upper limit of 5,000 web pages. But, make sure you are not hampered by technical snags of any kind for longer periods of time. And, please do not get into methodologies that adversely affect the crawling of your pages. This application pulls data from pages that have already been crawled by Google. If you have missed being indexed, you have very limited chances of coming back in the loop again.

Your website can provide this custom search service with minimal cost of maintenance, and without getting into any kind of sponsored links by other companies on search results. The Custom Search Engine can be installed in a ten-minute set-up process. You can customise the background, font colours, put up your company logo, and even specify sites from which you want Google to conduct the search.

Small businesses surely have just one thing to say... Hail Google!!!


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