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Monday, January 29, 2007

UK's richest man!!!!!!!

Of course Laxmi Mittal! He is also the world's 5th richest man with a fortune of about 28 billions dollars. The steel magnate is the CEO of Arcelor Mittal – the world's largest producer of steel.

The man has always attracted controversy. He has made huge donations to the Labour party and at one time even the PM Tony was embroiled in controversy! This man loves to flaunt his wealth. He bought the most expensive house @ 57 million pounds(Man some show off)!! His daughter's wedding was the most expensive recorded in history! 'Papa, Buy me the Eiffel,' was the headline of one of Uk's leading magazines! Earlier also, his son's wedding had invited controversies when he had hired the lawns of Victoria Memorial in India! Also, recently Indians had cried foul to the European reactions of his hostile bid for Arcelor! Very recently, he has bought the world's most luxurious fleet for his holidays(God!! may the next purchase would be the Apollo 18 for the study trip of his grand children.)

This Indian has made most of his fortune outside India because the laws in the then India were averse to his business. Only now, he is turning to India and the Indians are welcoming him with open arms(God know for what, for his investments in India ofcourse).

There is something I hate about this man. There are at least 4 people who have more wealth than him. But they do not flaunt it. Why does he have to advertise his wealth? And look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They are the real philanthropists. And this stinking rich man? Tell me what you think of him?????????????????????????????????????



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