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Monday, January 29, 2007

UK's richest man!!!!!!!

Of course Laxmi Mittal! He is also the world's 5th richest man with a fortune of about 28 billions dollars. The steel magnate is the CEO of Arcelor Mittal – the world's largest producer of steel.

The man has always attracted controversy. He has made huge donations to the Labour party and at one time even the PM Tony was embroiled in controversy! This man loves to flaunt his wealth. He bought the most expensive house @ 57 million pounds(Man some show off)!! His daughter's wedding was the most expensive recorded in history! 'Papa, Buy me the Eiffel,' was the headline of one of Uk's leading magazines! Earlier also, his son's wedding had invited controversies when he had hired the lawns of Victoria Memorial in India! Also, recently Indians had cried foul to the European reactions of his hostile bid for Arcelor! Very recently, he has bought the world's most luxurious fleet for his holidays(God!! may the next purchase would be the Apollo 18 for the study trip of his grand children.)

This Indian has made most of his fortune outside India because the laws in the then India were averse to his business. Only now, he is turning to India and the Indians are welcoming him with open arms(God know for what, for his investments in India ofcourse).

There is something I hate about this man. There are at least 4 people who have more wealth than him. But they do not flaunt it. Why does he have to advertise his wealth? And look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. They are the real philanthropists. And this stinking rich man? Tell me what you think of him?????????????????????????????????????


Thursday, January 25, 2007

What is AJAX? and is it here to stay?

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) enables you to refresh part of a web page without having to send the entire page back to the server. The AJAX-style of development is used in high-profile websites like Google, Flickr, and Amazon, and has rapidly gained popularity within the ASP.NET development community because of its ability to deliver rich, fast-loading, user-friendly applications that meet the demands of today's organizations.

Recognizing the importance of AJAX, Microsoft recently introduced the Atlas project, an extension to ASP.NET 2.0, designed to simplify the implementation of AJAX functionality. In addition, Microsoft has already launched web sites of their own that incorporate AJAX technologies and provide end users with an enhanced, responsive user interface.

aCCORDING TO Dundas Software.

ThIS IS LIGHT, FAST, PREATY, TRUSTED BASICALLY i LOVE IT................................................


Web development in general recently emerged from a long period of stagnation. While the web browser has become a de facto operating system for the enterprise application, there used to be only two realistic options for developing them:
Build simple web apps that work in any web browser on any operating system.
Take advantage of browser-specific "bells and whistles" to make more advanced web applications. These applications would generally be limited to a single browser on a single operating system or require a special plugin like Flash or Java.

There was no way to create intelligent, interactive web applications without programming for a very specific environment, which led to very poor quality internet applications, or to vendor lock-in. Consequently, many organizations have been reluctant to commit resources towards applications that would only work in very specific, controlled environments, and for good reason.

All of this is changing. Web browsers have reached a critical common threshold that allows powerful web applications to be written in much the same way across platforms, using mature techniques, and without any proprietary plugins. The building blocks of these applications are (X) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. These work in conjunction with a component that allows the browser to communicate with the server programmatically (XMLHttpRequest), and we have what is now being referred to as AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Well this is the answere O' Reilly has for it

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lo! India on Top!!(24/01/2050- News Headlines)

Hey came across this eye-opener news published in Times of India (One major news concern in India).
That India is developing at a rapid pace is an open secret. A major newspaper today has published on the cover page the consclusions of the research done by the famous Goldman Sachs. It says India will overtake USA by the year 2050! It will be India and China who will call the shots by the year 2050 with China at the top and India at no.2! Now, that is a huge leap. Isn't it!?

Most of it will be fuelled by the growth in its productive capacity. A sustained growth rate of 8% will do the trick, the report says. Goldman Sachs has revised its opinion about India in its October 2003 research paper famous as the BRICs report ( BRIC= Brazil, Russia, India, China – the emerging superpowers).

The previous report had projected that India will overtake Japan by 2032 and that in 30 years it will be the world's third largest economy after USA and China. The new report published on Monday says that India's growth since 2003 is more structured which means it is not a flash in the pan.

They never talk about us, Alas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Murdock wants to buy Big Brother Makers

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) -- Shares in Television production company Endemol rose as much as 12 percent on Tuesday following a newspaper report that Rupert Murdoch is interested in buying Telefonica's Endemol stake.

Endemol shares were up 5.6 percent at 21.46 euros after hitting a fresh year high at 22.74 euros earlier Tuesday. The shares have more than doubled in price since Endemol's November 2005 listing on the Amsterdam stock exchange.

Spanish newspaper La Gaceta said media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who controls News Corp., was interested in buying Telefonica's 75 percent stake in Endemol. It said Murdoch would buy the stake alone, giving no further details and citing no sources.

Telefonica declined comment.

"It definitely looks like all the news of the past weeks is adding up. Endemol's AGM is in the end of February, so people want to get on board I guess," one Netherlands-based trader said.

Speculation as to who will buy Telefonica's stake in Endemol -- behind such worldwide TV hits as "Big Brother" and "Fear Factor" -- has been rampant in recent months.

Dutch media mogul John de Mol, who founded Endemol with producer Joop van den Ende in 1994 and sold it to Telefonica in 2000, said in September that he had been approached by Italy's Mediaset to form a consortium to buy a stake in Endemol.

On Monday, La Gaceta reported that De Mol, who has a 5.15 percent stake in Endemol, had formed an alliance with U.S. giant Disney to repurchase the Dutch production house.

De Mol's spokesman declined to comment.

Spanish media group Vocento, Sony Entertainment and Time Warner were also named last year as being interested in Endemol.

Endemol's Chief Financial Officer Jan Peter Kerstens told Reuters in September that the company would prefer not to be owned by a broadcaster so as not to strain relations with existing clients.

As per CNN.

Murdock, suddenly this name wants every thing that is there on air he is willing to shell out any figure (which is generally a very big figure for the present senario) Murdock has been very intelligent in making those investments. I wonder what is next in his purchase list??????????????????

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Know Who are Affiliates

Report on the market, sounds interesting already and when it says Affiliate Marketing it just added on to the excitement." *eConsultancy " did a survey with around 1600 affiliates and has some thing really important to say about it.

Link to download it:
Free Affiliate Census Report

The report will give you an insight of the people doing it, very important for some1 who believes "long gone those days when you want to assume the horse wants to have grass only."
It is very important to know who are the affiliate base and what kind of behaviour and trends they follow. I think the above report would answer many of your questions, so thought to share it.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Amazing Sunday

Incredible day, but by the time I woke up it was already noon. I had already missed out on a major chunk of the day time, went to the local movie hall, but damn tickets were already sold out. I stood there like a complete looser and looking here and there for some hope, which eventually din show up. My best bet was to go home and spend some quality time with myself (ie; making a complete idiot of my self and drink like a fish). Reached home with a bottle of shiraz cabrenet, making sangria( what is Sangria? ) was not an option as I discoverd there was no alcohol in the house. Adding on to my chagrin my girl friend had to be out of station the same day.

Called the local DVD parlour hoping to get some thing good(may be porn), there was a sweet voice on the other side of the phone, I din have any thing specific on my mind so asked for the recomendation. It took a while but I zeroed on " My Super Ex girlfriend ".

It was 8 and the door bell broke the amazing scilence , it was Tina (the movie parlour lady). I had never seen Tina so beutiful may be it was the make up . God knows what was, I thinking I asked her if she wanted to come in and join my weekend bash. Unfortunately she was turned down by her date for the evening (fortunately for me), we opened the bottle and man she is a talker and had a great sense of humor. Tina told me about this new pub which had opened blocks away and semed like she wanted to see me there the next weekend......................................... well the details of the time she spent with me would be too much of a clasiffies information to put it on the blog.
Serendipity can happn to any one.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Butt is no longer on fire its on the Internet

Buying, selling your name it can be done on the net. In toady's scenario it is more likely for a person to buy some thing from the Internet than going to a shopping mall and making a purchase. The psychology of a common man is "you get it cheap on the net".

The growing number of internet users is crossing new heights every day, just in UK where the total population is some where around 66 million, 40 million people use internet. According to the Natioanl Statistics, overall 40 per cent of UK households, or 69 per cent of households that had Internet access, had a broadband Internet connection. London had the highest level of households with broadband
Internet access at 49 per cent (78 per cent of households with Internet access). Northern Ireland had the lowest level at 28 per cent of all households (56 per cent of households with Internet access). It is obvious that it is not just the Internet connection but the speed of the connection is consequential when we look at the users and their behaviours.

I was really amazed how the intenet is no longer limited to porn and the most popular activity on the Internet was searching for information about goods or services (84 per cent). This was carried out more by men (88 per cent) than women (79 per cent). Women’s most popular activity was using email (80 per cent),
which was men’s second most popular (81 per cent). Of the activities asked about, there were only two, where the percentage of women’s activities was higher than men’s. These were seeking health related information and activities related to a school, college or university course. Telephoning over the Internet
or video conferencing was an activity undertaken by 13 per cent of men and 7 per cent of women.

It has become very important for every manufacturer be it 'Adidas' or 'General Motors' to have a mark on the internet landscape and drive the so called traffic to their sites. All this while I thought that traffic is on the roads and in the movie theatres, so does it mean now every one who has a computer and an internet connection is going stick his butt in his bed room????????????WTF is going on?????????????